Back movers and in movers


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Back movers and in movers

A study of back migration flows into small societies over time


Per Åke Nilssona

Sigurður Arnasonb

Guðrun Helgadóttirc

Dennis Holmd


The background for this project is the ongoing depopulation of peripheral Arctic regions. Measures have over the years been undertaken to stop that process and this project tries to shed light on a part of these undertakings by putting focus on a special target group: people who have left the area and then moved back. The motives for these back movers may be of interest for future actions and for counteracting the demographic problem.

Holar University College [Háskólinn á Hólum] in Iceland has been responsible for the project process and The Icelandic Regional Development Institute [Byggdastofnun] has provided statistics for the Icelandic destinations. The Research Centre for Social Development [Granskingardepilin fyri samfelagsmenning] in Faroe Islands has administrated interviews in the Faroe Islands and has also taken part in the design process of the project. The Icelandic Seal Centre [Selasetur Íslands] has administrated the project and been responsible for interviews in Iceland. The municipality of Kvænangen in Norway has organized interviews there.

Interviews have been made by Kolbrún Reynisdóttir, Holar, and Christine Iversen, Kvænangen

The project has been financed by NORA [Nordiskt Atlantsamarbejde], Faroe Islands.

Project coordinator: Guðrun Helgadóttir

Project leader: Per Åke Nilsson