List fyrir alla – Art for all

The Icelandic Seal Center then takes part in the project List fyrir alla (Art for all). List fyrir alla is a cultural project for children and youth under the auspices and funded by the Icelandic Ministry of Education, Science, and Culture.

We aim to choose and produce art events nationwide to give all children and youth equal opportunities in experiencing diverse and elaborate art events, regardless of their residential and economic situation.

The main focus is on culture for children and culture with children. We aim to give students, during their ten years of schooling, a good overview, and insight into diverse forms of art across different eras and cultures, including the Icelandic cultural heritage.

On the List fyrir alla website you can find

  • Listviðburðir – list of all art events that are on offer for the Icelandic schools each school year.
  • Listveitan – online source of diverse and professional art material for the schools
  • Menningarhús og söfn – information on those cultural institutions and museus in Iceland that offer art and culture for and with children and youth.

Here is a link to the project: List Fyrir Alla – Art for all

Mrs. Eliza Reid looked at the Icelandic Seal Center

The First Lady Eliza Reid and her daughter Edda visited Húnaþing vestra on Friday, but she was the guest of honor at the Hipp festival, which was held this weekend.

She also visited the Icelandic Seal Center where Guðmundur, Chairman of the Board, Sandra, Jessica, Hafþór, Eric, Zoé, and others welcomed them.

Seals and environmental changes

Recently, the Marine and Freshwater Research Institute published a large report on the status of ecosystems around Iceland and the effect of environmental and climate change. The report is in Icelandic (there is no English version) and the title is “Staða umhverfis og vistkerfa í hafinu við Ísland og horfur næstu áratuga.” One of the chapters describes the status of seal populations around Iceland and the possible effects of environmental change. This chapter is authored by Sandra Granquist, head of Seal Research Department at the Icelandic Seal Center and seal specialist at the Marine and Freshwater Research Institute. The chapter starts on page 100.

The full report can be found here:

Open Lecture by Zoë Drion – 7.10.2021 – 20:00

In Belgium, the Hautes Fagnes State Nature Reserve is home to a very special bird the Black Grouse It is an emblematic and protected species, of which only a few individuals
remain The predation of the Red Fox on this bird is one of the obstacles to its survival.

In order to take adequate management measures to promote the recovery of the Black Grouse, it is necessary to study the local fox population, of which little is currently known.

During this talk I will present the findings of my master thesis. Its double objective was to estimate the current number of foxes in the area using camera traps and to see how the population has evolved since the 1980’s by studying the history of fox sightings.

The Icelandic Seal Center museum closed for the winter

The Seal Center museum is formally closed for the winter from 1 October. But if you are interested in bringing a group to us, you can book an appointment by phone at +354 451 2345 or by e-mail at

The seal museum will be open at Hvammstangi International Puppet Festival) on Saturday 9 October, from 12-14.