Engaging children with the cultural value of seals: a puppet show collaboration.

With funding from Menningarráðs Norðurlands vestra, Selasetur Íslands and Grunnskóli Húnaþings vestra have commenced an exciting new educational and culturally focused project. The primary outcome of this project will be a puppet show, written, designed and produced by the year 3 and 4 school students.

Project manager on behalf of the Seal Center is Dr. Leah Burns

Sandra Granquist presents research results at Oikos 2014

Sandra Granquist seal specialist at the Icelandic Seal Center will present our latest research findings on the impact of tourists on seals at the Oikos Conference. The Conference is to be held at the Swedish Natural Museum, February 3rd-5th 2014.

Further information on the conference can be found here.

Sandra Granquist gives a seminar at ETOUR

Sandra Granquist, who runs the biological department of the Seal center, gave a seminar at the The European Tourism Research Institute (ETOUR) at Mid Sweden University in Östersund last week. The seminar was called “Balancing use and protection of wildlife – An interdisciplinary approach for biology and tourism research” and was about the interdisciplinary research Sandra has been working on at the Seal center together with Per-Åke Nilsson, a former employee of the Seal center. The study is about the importance of combining results from ecological research and tourism research for wildlife tourism mangement purposes. This research is part of a licentiate thesis that Sandra defended at the zoological department of Stockholm University, Sweden in November.