For all ages

The Icelandic Seal Center emphasizes providing a fun and informative experience for children as well as adults. One of the newest exhibits at the Seal Center Museum is an interactive screen display showing the movements of five juvenile grey seals that were caught and marked with GPS trackers by Seal Center Research staff. This was the first time that grey seal’s movements in Icelandic waters were tracked in this way, showing that the museum is not just displaying a long-gone past but also the cutting edge of research.

The touch screen display and graphics were designed by Gaggarinn and we have received much positive feedback about it.

The project was funded by contributions from the National Marine Aquarium in the UK, Sóknaráætlun Norðurlands vestra, and the municipality of  Húnaþingi vestra.

Children are encouraged to add their own touches to our exhibition space, using materials provided in the creative corner while their parents are perusing the informative displays in the museum.


  • Seals of the North Atlantic and Arctic
  • Seal biology
  • Complete seal skeleton
  • Seals in Icelandic culture and tradition
  • The evolution and importance of seal hunting
  • Seal Cinema with documentary on Icelandic seals (in English)


  • Birds of Iceland
  • Icelandic land mammals
  • Marine life of northern Iceland
  • Complete harbour porpoise skeleton


  • Live Lab: a window in the museum looks into a functioning biological laboratory
  • Icelandic seal research
  • Analysis of biological samples from whales