About us

The Center was orginally established on the 29th of April 2005. The founders are a group of individuals interested in further reinforcement of sustainable tourism in Húnaþing vestra region.


The Center is financed with capital stock and funding. The stock holders are 89, individuals, companies and organisations.

House and property

In 2005 the Icelandic Seal Center bought the first two floors of the storied building VSP in Hvammstangi. The VSP house, or Verslun Sigurðar Pálmasonar (The shop of Sigurður Pálmason).

In 2012 the Center moved to its current location, on the harbor front in Hvammstangi, and our distinctive red gable can be seen from far and wide.

Tourist information and craftshop

In The Icelandic Seal Center tourist information travelers can get general information about accommodation and activities in Húnaþing area and buy souvenirs and craft from Húnaþing area.


On the 10th of november 2005 The Icelandic Seal Center was awarded, by the North Icelandic Tourism Association, as the “Most interesting innovation in North Icelandic Tourism 2005”.

The center has also received great support both locally and nationally, from individuals, companies, organisations and associations.