Icelandic Seal Center renews its agreement with the Marine & Freshwater Research Institue

The Icelandic Seal Center (ISC) and the Icelandic Marine & Freshwater Research Institute renewed their cooperation agreement at the end of October 2022. The agreement stipulates the strengthening of research on seals in Iceland at the Hvammstanga facility. In particular, monitoring the population size of wild and land seals. In addition to carrying out data collection and research that contributes to the improvement of advice in accordance with the management objectives of the government.

The parties agree to look for ways to increase the number of employees so that the research activities of the Seal Center and the Institute of Marine Research in Hvammstangi can be strengthened. The agreement is open-ended and Seal Center s is optimistic about the future.

Seal site and research area in Illugastaðir Vatnsnes