The Great Seal Count 2021

Information for volunteer and registration

It is important that everyone toa have a car and it is good to have binoculars with you.

Things to keep in mind before participation in the Seal Count

  • Volunteers are encouraged to good behavior in nature, not spoiling anything and leaving the area as it comes. It is not allowed to cross the cultivated area at all, animals and fences/gates must be respected.
  • It can be estimated that the hiking trail will take some time, up to 1-3 hours. It is necessary to wear good walking shoes and outdoor clothing. The weather on the spot can change at short notice, so it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the weather forecast and bring a packed lunch.
  • Park cars safely and not on the highway at all.
  • We walk along the shore, so it is good to pay close attention when it starts to flood.
  • It should be borne in mind that it is just as important to find no seals in their area as to find seals. Both of these pieces of information are very important to researchers.
  • Regarding binoculars, it is good to have them with you, but not necessary at all. The seal center has several binoculars and it is possible to borrow one of them.

Code of conduct for seal watching

The summer is here in Northwestern Iceland and visitors are increasing in our area and around seal colonies. We remind you of being careful around the seals and make sure not to disturb them.

It´s good to keep the following in mind:

Be mindful: The seals are in their natural habitat and we are observers.

Protect the seals from disturbance during seal watching:

  • Move gently, keep your voice down- never throw objects
  • Keep respectful distance (100m)- never touch
  • Never approach a sole pup- the female is nearby
  • Move away if seals show signs of disturbance- head-up/vigilance or fleeing
  • Drones scare the seals. No drones, please.

For volunteer registration, click here