The Great Seal Count

During the Great Seal Count the coastline of Vatnsnes and Heggstaðarnes in Húnaþing vestra is divided between staff of the Seal center and volunteers and together the group counts seals in the area. The coastline is divided into smaller areas (2-7km), so everyone can find a suitable distance. Afterwards you get a coffee and a cake at the Seal Center.

 It is a great experience! Please register by e-mailing us:  or dial  +354-451-2345.

The Great Seal Count is not suitable for children younger than 5 and kids between 5 and 15 years may only take part in the company of adults.


Visit from Ásgarður Kindergarten

We got a pleasant visit from the students at Ásgarður kindergarten today. The kids stopped by on their walk in town and by the harbour. We are always happy to get visits from kids. 

Come back soon kids 🙂

Grant from the Ministry of Industries and Innovation

The Seal Center has been given a grant from the Ministry of Industries and Innovation for counting of harbour seal from air summer of 2014. The Seal Center applied for just over 20 million IKR for the project but got only 6 million. Therefore the method of counting has to be reevaluated and it will not be possible to do it the same way it was done in 2011. In some areas we will also test counting with an unmanned aerial vehicle to evaluate if UAV’s can be used for estimated the harbourseal population in the future.

Project manager is Sandra Granquist head of biology reasearch department and co project manager is Erlingur Hauksson marine biologist.


A gift from Marel

Recently the Seal Center received a generous gift from Marel. Marel amongst other things makes digital scales and sent us one for using in the museum to weigh the amount of fish a seal eats pr day. The new scale replaces an older on that has been broken for a while, 

We thank Marel for their support.

Gjöf frá marel