A gift from Marel

Recently the Seal Center received a generous gift from Marel. Marel amongst other things makes digital scales and sent us one for using in the museum to weigh the amount of fish a seal eats pr day. The new scale replaces an older on that has been broken for a while, 

We thank Marel for their support.

Gjöf frá marel

Grant from Menningarráð norðurlands vestra

The Icelandic Seal Cetner recently was given a grant for the amount of 2.1 million IKR from the Menningarráð norðurlands vestra. The grant is suposed to be used for strengthening the Seal Center’s exhibition as well as operations. To date this year we have amongst other things opened up a new section at the exhibition on the Seal Sensory systems, uptdated information boards in the exhibition, as well as general maintenance of the facilities. These updates are neccersary since the Seal Center gets more visitors each year. We are also working on our environmental policy as well as many other smaller projects.

The Seal Center thanks Menningarráð for their support.

The Seal Center 2014 annual meeting for shareholders

The 2014 Annual meeting for shareholders was held in Dæli in Víðidalur on  may 15th 2014. 

Skúli Þórðarson managed the meeting.

Following board members were elected:

Ársæll Daníelsson, Guðmundur Jóhannesson, Jóhannes Erlendsson, Kristín Jósefsdóttir og Katharina Ruppel. Alternates ar u Róbert Jack og Sigrún B. Valdimarsdóttir.


Film making at the Seal center

A short film is beind recorded at the Seal Center today. The film is called Sealskin and is inspired by the Icelandic folktale ‘Sealskin’.  The filmmaker Shilpa Munikempanna studied at the London Film Academy. Her films centre around narratives of personal journeys usually of people caught in a situation and learning to cope as best as they can like in the films ‘Kaveri’ or ‘Sleep’ which she wrote and directed. ‘Kaveri, her debut short film has screened at various International festivals. She is currently artist resident at Nes Artist Residency, Skagastrond, Iceland.


Birding trail in the north west

The Icelandic Seal Center has taken on the role of project manager in the project Birding Trail in the North West. The goal of the project is to build the foundation for the making of a birding trail in the North West part of Iceland, identifying interesting birdwatching spots in the region and making them accessible for bird lovers.

The project is cooperation between stakeholders in the tourism industry in the region, The Icelandic Seal Center, The Tourism Department Of the University at Holar as well as Náttúrustofa Norðurland vestra. 

The project formally started at the end of 2013 and first phase will be completed at the end of 2014.

The project is funded by Vaxtarsamningur Norðurland Vestra.

Engaging children with the cultural value of seals: a puppet show collaboration.

With funding from Menningarráðs Norðurlands vestra, Selasetur Íslands and Grunnskóli Húnaþings vestra have commenced an exciting new educational and culturally focused project. The primary outcome of this project will be a puppet show, written, designed and produced by the year 3 and 4 school students.

Project manager on behalf of the Seal Center is Dr. Leah Burns