Nordic Symposium

 The 24th Nordic Symposium in Tourism and Hospitality was held in Reykjavik on the 1-3 October.

Dr Leah Burns, head of the tourism research department here at the Icelandic Seal Centre, was on the conference organising committee. Dr Burns ran a joint session with Sandra Granquist, head of our Biological Department, called “Responsibly Engaging with Animals in Tourism”.

Both of them presented papers in that session. The titles were:

 1. Codes of conduct for seal watching: An investigation of guidelines for human behaviour 

Authors: Elin Lilja Öqvist, Sandra Granquist, Georgette Leah Burns and Anders Angerbjörn 

 2. Interpretation in wildlife tourism: Assessing the effectiveness of signage to modify visitor behaviour at a seal watching site in Iceland 

Authors: Sarah Marschall, Sandra Granquist and Georgette Leah Burns