Requirements for interns


An internship is not a job and is not a volunteer position. Interns will not replace employees or replace other paid positions. An intern is someone who is part of a university program who is looking to integrate knowledge and theory learned in the classroom with real-life practical skills development in a professional setting. Interns must have clearly defined learning objectives and a designated mentor or supervisor at their home university. Interns work closely with their supervisor at the Icelandic Seal Center in areas such as tourism development, event management, managing the Visitor Center, Seal Museum management, environmental education, and marine biology. Internships are done in conjunction with activities that are part of curricula in formal education.

Our Internship Policy

Although it is expected that internships are mutually beneficial, interns will not displace regular employees. In order to be accepted in the internship program at the Icelandic Seal Center, students must be enrolled in an internship course at Hólar University or a university abroad. Students will receive ECTS credits upon completion of their internship.  Internships, unless through another funding body, are not paid.

Criteria that must be met to qualify as a professional internship:

  • The intern is currently enrolled at Hólar University for ECTS credits or at a university abroad.
  • There must be a formal agreement between the Icelandic Seal Center and the university.
  • The experience is focused on the benefit of the intern, rather than the employer.
  • The intern’s supervisory and program requirements must be coordinated by the university.
  • The intern will receive training based on the agreement from a supervisor/mentor at either the Icelandic Seal Center, the Visitor Center, Museum, or the Research Departments. This is in conjunction with the university’s Intern Supervisor.
  • The experience should provide exposure to multiple aspects of a professional career field, organization, or industry.
  • A job description will be provided that includes a detailed explanation of duties and/or projects, required skills or qualifications, and a minimum number of hours per week.

Are you Interested in an Internship at the Icelandic Seal Center?

The Icelandic Seal Center is always interested in partnerships with academic and research institutions. First, speak with your university to see if a cooperation with Hólar University already exists. If not, please have a representative at your university contact us.

Interns Submit Your Application For Review

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