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Record visitor numbers at the Icelandic Seal Centre in 2016

In 2016, 39,223 guests came to the tourist information centre for Húnaþing vestra, located at the Icelandic Seal Centre. This is a 44% year on year increase compared to 2015.

Most guests visited in July, or 10,809, followed closely by August with 10,508 visitors.

Just over 30% of information centre guests visited the museum, or 11,996.

Now, in mid-January 2017, we have already welcomed triple the number of visitors we did in all of January 2016.

Museum entry fees in 2017 unchanged

Entry fees to the museum at the Icelandic Seal Centre will remain unchanged in 2017.

In fact, the entry fees to the museum have not gone up since 2012!

Entry fees, and opening times, can be found here:

The Icelandic Seal Center awarded a preparatory Arctic Research grant

The Seal Center’s Tourism Research Department was successful in obtaining the grant titled “Cooperation in the Field of Arctic Studies Between Iceland and Norway.” Monday, 29th November, was their first international meeting. This grant was awarded for preparatory support for the initiation of joint grant applications to fund future research projects. This is the first of many future efforts in working internationally with other tourism and marine biology experts. Jessica Faustini Aquino directs this research group.