Sandra Granquist – Bio

Sandra Granquist runs the seal research department of the Icelandic Seal Center and has been employed by the center since 2008. Her position is a co-operation with the Institute of Freshwater Fisheries and the Seal center. She completed her Master’s degree in biology/ethology from the University of Iceland in 2008 (Master thesis: Social structure and interactions within groups of horses containing a stallion) and also holds a licentiate degree from Stockholm University since November 2013 (Licentiate thesis: Harbour seals (Phoca vitulina) and tourists in Iceland- Who’s watching who?). She completed her PhD at Stockholm University in 2016.

Sandra has a broad interest in the ecology and behaviour of seals and runs several different research projects at the moment. One of her main research interest involves investigating the effect of tourists on the behaviour of seals. In addition, she studies foraging behaviour of harbour seals, for example when it comes to the effect of seals on salmonids. Sandra teaches ethology at Hólar university collage and has also been teaching at the University of Iceland and Stockholm University.

Publications and presentations