María Valdeolivas

María Valdeolivas is a researcher in the seal research department of the Icelandic Seal Center since 2017. She holds a MSc degree in Wildlife Management from the Czech University of Life Sciences, Prague (2015) where she worked as an animal behaviour researcher in a multidisciplinary project in a research farm of antelopes (Master thesis: Social structures among different groups on common eland, Taurotragus oryx) She started her studies in Spain, where she graduated with degrees in Biology (BSc+MSc) from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (2013) specializing in Zoology with one year at Høgskolen i Telemark, Norway (2012) focused on ecology and climate change. (Master thesis: Trophic behavior in Iberian wolves  Canis lupus signatus during breeding season in wild areas of N-W Spain )

María’s research interests range from animal behavior to ecology, sustainability and wildlife management.