Seal watching tutorial video

Most of the visitors the Icelandic Seal Center gets, come from May to September, but we keep ourselves busy during the winter. In addition to being open every weekday 11:00 – 15:00 all winter, we work in accordance with our goals of seal research and sustainable seal watching.

Seal watching is extremely important to our local area, but it must be done responsibly, especially given the fact the Icelandic seal population is endangered. Although the vast majority of those who do seal watching do so responsibly, unfortunately we often hear that we can do better.

It was a great pleasure for us at the Seal Center to two grants from “Uppbyggingarsjóði Norðurlands vestra and „Landsbankinnbank to make an tutorial video on desirable behavior during seal watching. It is a short cartoon with little text making the message very understandable it. The design company Gagarín has already begun working on the design and layout and the film will be ready for the summer.

It will be available to all stakeholders free of charge and hopefully it will spread as widely as possible so that an important step can be taken towards more sustainable seal watching in Iceland.