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In addition to the Seal Museum, the Icelandic Seal Center is also an information hub for tourists and visitors of all types. Our reception staff are trained to provide you with all the information you could be seeking about the Vatnsnes area, including (but not limited to) where and when you have the best chance to see seals hauled out, timing of the tides, information about the weather and road conditions, and maps, books, and booklets about local attractions.

  • You can view the information page for tourism in the district at   Visit Hunathing is the primary website for general tourism information for the Húnaþing-vetsra region, of which The Icelandic Seal Center is the official Tourist Information Office.
  • Information on weather in Iceland is on 
  • Information about the road is on or
  • Travellers SafetySafetravel is an accident prevention project of the Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue aimed at providing travelers with education and resources for safe travel in Iceland.

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The best time to see seals is around low tide. Seal-watching experience from shore, is very good in Vatnsnes peninsula in North Iceland.  Two locations, , Illugastaðir and Hvítserkur, are reliable for seeing seals year-round.


The best time to see the puffins in Iceland is in the summer. They arrive in May and leave in late August. The colony is usually the most active in the evenings.