Concert at the Icelandic Seal Center

Next Wednesday, 19th of July, aac will perform at the Icelandic Seal Center. Join us an eclectic meeting of transplanted musicians hailing from Scotland, Iceland and Mexico. Improvising through textures and rhythms, their music will warp perception and expand the ear.

The concert will start at 20:00 and be around 40 min. and tickets will cost 2.000 kr. Light refreshments can be bought at the bar.

Illugastaðir is now closed during the nesting period

Seal watching spot Illugastaðir is now closed from 1. May till 20. of June because of the eiders nesting period. Please respect nature and this closing.

However there is no need to worry since Hvítserkur is still open. It is one of the biggest sealcolonies in Iceland. Take the path that goes straight to the beach. Seals are also often visible from the Vatnsnes-road specially during the low tide. Check out places where the road is close to the beach, like Hamarsrétt. For further information you can visit us at the Icelandic Seal Center in Hvammstangi.