Arctic Tourism Journal

The Icelandic Seal Center biologist Sandra Granquist and tourism professor Per-Ake Nilsson have had their paper The Wild North: Network Cooperation for Sustainable Tourism in a Fragile Marine Environment in the Arctic Region published in the Journal “New Issues in Polar Tourism”

The article discuss the relationship between nature tourism and its operations effects on wildlife based on The Wild North project managed by The Icelandic Seal Center.

To read the abstact and download the full article follow this link

New 2013 Exhibition Display!

The Icelandic Seal Center ( Selasetur Íslands ) is working on an exciting project this winter time, the production of 2 male Harbour Seal skeletons and a Harbour porpoise skeleton for new and exciting exhibition displays in our museum, aswell as donating one seal skeleton to be displayed in the Húsavík Whale Museum.
The work is being carried out by a former volunteer at the center, Ester, from Spain and we are very happy to have her back with us!
The work will be completed by the May 1st opening of the museum and Visit Hunathing information center so make sure you come and check us out!