Einar O. Þorleifsson – Bio

Einar Ó. Þorleifsson works as a naturalist for Náttúrustofa Norðurlands vestra (Northwest Iceland Nature Research Center) in collaboration with The Icelandic Seal Center. Einar studied nature-based geography at the University of Iceland. He also has some background in wildlife biology, botany and geology as well as environmental studies. Einar’s main interests are bird studies; populations, distribution, and historical aspects of bird distribution and changes in bird species throughout time. Nature protection and restoration of natural habitats are also one of his subjects, as well as some studies in botany and geology. Einar has decades of experience in different kinds of fieldwork, mostly in field ornithology in Iceland and abroad. A part of Einar’s work is in the field of environmental education for NGOs and local schools; all with interest in nature and wildlife.